Success Stories

Stories from our Volunteers

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My children are in school all day and I felt that I could commit to the one hour per week", said Tracey. The program is spectacular. I am extremely pleased with what the friendship has done for the both of us. He's a super kid and we look so forward to our weekly visits. My rewards are seeing how he's improved - he works harder to accomplish a task and achieve his goal. He really goes for it now because his self-esteem has increased. I could say mentoring makes me feel great, but that would be an understatement."

- Tracey Bourgon, Homemaker and mother

"The In-School Mentoring Program is fantastic. I love children and chose to become a Mentor because I felt I could spare the time to volunteer with a child. Although I knew that I would enjoy it, this terrific program has exceeded my expectations. I have mentored for three years and have definitely made a difference in her life. I look forward to our time together - we've played games, made jewelry, exercised and painted t-shirts for each other. She is much happier and more focused now. She follows through with her tasks and takes pride in her work. It's obvious to everyone that her self-confidence has increased and her attitude towards going to school has improved. I am watching her grow into a lovely young lady and knowing that I have contributed to her development is an indescribable feeling"

- Janice Risi, Self-employed

"I have been a Mentor since October 1996 and can't say enough about the program. It was obvious that my friendship made a huge difference in Nicholas' life. I found the experience to be tremendously rewarding and as much fun for me as it was for him. Mentoring is a refreshing change of pace and a break from my day-to-day routine. When Nicholas moved away, I asked to be matched with another child. Would I recommend it? Absolutely!"

- Jack Crosby, Businessman