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Conversation Circle: Join the Conversation

Conversation Circle is designed to introduce newcomer youth to volunteer mentors who have a caring, flexible attitude and an interest in mentoring a child or youth who is new to Canada.  Through this mentoring program, children will be able to build connections in the community with a goal of increased self-esteem and social integration.  


Program staff in conjunction with volunteer mentors will carry out 1 hour sessions which mirror the school year.  Mentoring sessions will be compromised of a variety of activities led by the needs of youth.  Each session will include a healthy snack, structured group activity and informal time where youth and mentors can build their relationships through games, homework help, conversation, projects, shared experiences and field trips.


The program strives to do the following:


  • Practice English language skills in a safe, encouraging environment
  • Build the self esteem of newcomer youth through a mentoring relationship with a Canadian mentor
  • Opportunity of social integration and friendship with Canadian youth
  • Ease the transition to school through shared experiences
  • Strengthen presentation skills in small teams
  • homework help
  • Have fun

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