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Big News on Littles

Waleed-Family Small

Photo: Waleed with Seargant at Arms, Dennis Clark

My Perspective on the Page Program

by Little Brother Waleed

Hello, my name is Waleed. I recently was selected for the Legislative Page Program. The Legislative Page Program is a very great opportunity for students from grade 7 and 8. You can apply by writing an essay about yourself and your accomplishments. I applied when I was in grade 7, but I was not accepted. Then in grade 8 I tried again and got in. I was really happy. Some weeks passed and I got a package in the mail. It contained many details about the program. I also got an invitation to an orientation that I had to go to. After the orientation was over I learned a lot. After about ten days it was my first day, it seemed a little bit confusing but I eventually understood my duties. I also got to have a lunch with my MPP: Helena Jaczek. It was great talking with my MPP I learned a lot from her. I also enjoyed having lunch with the Clerk and Speaker. It was really fun communicating with them and asking questions. On Friday’s we go to a trip and we don’t have to wear the uniform. We went to wonderland and a tour across downtown. Overall the Page Program is a very amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone.